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OCZ Vertex 3.20


OCZ Vertex 3.20

OCZ has recently launched the Vertex 3.20, which is designed for the full range of mainstream applications.


 So why launch a 20nm drive in the Vertex 3 family?

The migration to 20nm with this line makes sense as it is positioned in the mainstream market, where this proven series can lead the way - not just in terms of performance, but also at attractive price points. The Vertex 3.20 offers mainstream consumers the absolute “Best Bang for the Buck!”

 The Vertex 3.20 is also a superior solution to the Samsung 840, which utilizes TLC NAND to reach aggressive price points. When it comes to performance and endurance, the MLC 20nm process geometry NAND flash is still a superior solution when you consider the higher P/E cycles, lower access latency and more reliable data retention over the long term. The Vertex 3.20 offers significantly better Sequential Speeds, especially when it comes to writes, in addition to the fact that this drive utilizes proven MLC NAND flash over TLC.

 Sounds like a great SSD solution for the mainstream market!

Leading website Storage Review has released an in-depth review of this new product and had this to say:

 “As the Vertex 3.20 picks up as OCZ's mainstream consumer SSD offering, the issue of performance loss is somewhat mitigated by its new market positioning, while production efficiencies create an applaudable price drop.”

 “Overall, consolidating the lines and gearing them more toward the mainstream market makes sense for OCZ. They will undoubtedly save money by cutting less popular models, and their new 20nm NAND die configuration will allow them to save even more. Savings for the company will be savings for the consumer, which users can see in the prices for the Vertex 3.20 and will continue to see down the road.”

 “The Vertex 3.20 embodies OCZ's shift to become more efficient both in production technology and in streamlining their product availability as they move forward. The line is a solid entry into the mainstream market.”

Entire Review: http://www.storagereview.com/ocz_vertex_320_ssd_review

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